What assurances do I have if I am not satisfied with an alignment? 
Transalign stands behind every alignment carried out. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of an alignment, please contact Transalign so that the alignment can be checked and a resolution proposed.

What are Transalign's hours of work?
Generally between 7.30am and 6pm weekdays, although appointments can be made outside these hours and on weekends if required.

How quickly can you do my alignment?
Generally an appointment can be made within the next 2-3 working days. This is however subject to the alignment not being required during Transaligns service trips to Blenheim/Nelson/West Coast.

How often should my vehicle be aligned?
Some manufacturers specify 50000km intervals and people keeping up a preventative maintenance program may specify alignments once a year. Generally uneven tyre wear is the first indication of an alignment problem - you can discuss tyre wear either with your tyre supplier or give Transalign a call to discuss the alignment requirements. If the vehicle has had an accident or suspension/steering component replacement, an alignment may be required.

My vehicle has been aligned and still drifts left - why?
Due to the camber of the road, most vehicles will drift left slightly, check this by driving down the centre of a quiet street. Some left drift is desirable if for any reason the driver is incapacitated, so the vehicle will drift off the road rather than into oncoming traffic.

Will you come to our workplace for a one off job?
Depending on your location - Transalign is based in Christchurch - this can be arranged if you are close to town. Trips to Blenheim, Nelson and the West Coast are made on a monthly basis. An additional fee may be charged if your alignment can not be fitted in with other work in the region.

What causes steering shaking?
Shaking of the steering can be caused by a number of things. The most common is a wheel being out of balance - usually at around 70-80 kph. Other things to check are suspension and steering joints, kingpins, shock absorbers. A persistant shake that refuses to go away may require additional castor or a steering damper.

How long does an alignment take?
Depending on the vehicle and the number of axles, an alignment can take from 1hr for a single front axle only requiring toe adjustment, to 3 or 4 hours for a four axle truck requiring full adjustment including castor wedges or disassembly of tie rod ends.