Transalign is mobile reliability.

Carrying out wheel alignments on Trucks, Trailers, Buses and Campervans.

We also offer on-site, on-vehicle wheel balancing (3 phase power required)

Based in Christchurch but mobile around the top half of the South Island, we offer wheel alignment at your place (certain requirements apply - see onsite requirements page) or a workshop available to Transalign.

We turn up when it suits you- not 3 hours or 3 days later when it suits us.

The advantages we offer are -

  • Less time off the road for your vehicle.
  • Computerised Laser technology ensuring maximum accuracy for your vehicles' alignment.
  • Cost savings by minimising your vehicles' travelling and 'off-road' time.

We can save you tyres and fuel by ensuring your vehicle's alignment is correct.

Using Josam Truckaligner II wireless computerised laser technology from Sweden, we can have your heavy vehicle aligned accurately (equipment accurate to 0.25mm/m (toe) and 1/20th of a degree (camber)), minimising the higher inaccuracies associated with other systems

More than convenient and efficient - Transalign can offer you mobile reliability - guaranteed.