About Transalign

Owned and operated by Adrian Dodds who purchased the business in 2013. Transalign is based in Christchurch and specialises in wheel alignment for all heavy motor vehicles including Buses and Campervans, with the point of difference being that it is mobile - we come to you.

Transalign (originally called South Island Transport Alignment Services which started in 1990) sought to fill a hole in the market for wheel alignment specialising in fulfilling the growing need of customers to have their vehicles aligned on-site with as little disruption to business as possible.

Standard wheel alignment specialists do not cater for this need. They may need vehicles for sometimes days at a time and this costs you, the vehicle owner, lost income and the addition of transport expense for the vehicle.

Wheel alignment can be carried out for you on-site using Josam Truckaligner II laser alignment equipment accurate to 0.25mm/m (toe) and 1/20th of a degree (camber) .

Transalign services not only Canterbury but also Marlborough, Nelson and the West Coast. We are happy to travel further afield if required and are regularly in Timaru, Nelson and Blenheim during the month.

For more information about Transalign or to make an appointment please contact us.